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Benjamin la Torre Coffee Farm: Where Excellence Grows

Exploring the World of Specialty Coffee: Benjamin la Torre Coffee Farm

At Blue Arrow Coffee, Master Roaster Aldo Marchena had a delightful encounter with Don Benjamin’s grandchildren. This meeting paved the way for a remarkable collaboration—a direct trade partnership between Blue Arrow Coffee and Don Benjamin, facilitated by Don Benjamin’s fourth-generation son.

A Journey of Quality and Innovation: Finca Santa Catalina

Ten years ago, they made a pivotal decision at Finca Santa Catalina. Instead of blending coffee varieties, they chose to separate single varieties meticulously. This strategic move aimed to enhance production and elevate the quality of their coffee beans. By focusing on specialty cups, they could break free from the constraints of low prices dictated by the stock market.

Benjamin la Torre Coffee Farm: Where Excellence Grows

Located in the Oxapampa province in the north-eastern region of Peru, Benjamin la Torre coffee farm thrives amidst the rugged beauty of the Andes Mountains. Here, a pristine jungle envelops the land, creating an ideal microclimate for coffee cultivation. The farm’s commitment to sustainable practices aligns with its UNESCO Biosphere reserve status, emphasizing environmental conservation.

Generations of Tradition and Heritage

The legacy of Benjamin la Torre extends back through generations. Many farmers in this region trace their roots to Andean tribes like the Yanesha.

Their expertise, passed down over time, contributes to the exceptional quality of the coffee beans harvested from this fertile land.

Next time you savor a cup of Benjamin la Torre coffee, brought to you by Blue Arrow Coffee Roasters, remember the rich history and dedication that go into every aromatic sip.

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