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The Home of Blue Arrow Coffee Roasters

Lennox Head
Northern Rivers, NSW

Making A Difference


From Seed to Sip, passion is poured into every cup of Blue Arrow Coffee Roaster Brew. Grown in Peru, Roasted in Lennox Head by
Peruvian Master Roaster and Lennox Head, NSW resident - Aldo Marchena who's aim is to deliver quality Latin America Coffee beans to homes and businesses in the Far Northern Rivers of New South Wales with the intention to raise awareness for the plight of women farmers in Latin America



Pay It Forward! BUY 6-months recurring delivery 1KG of your favourite Blue Arrow Coffee, and we'll deliver an additional 1KG of our Peru Grown, Lennox Head Roasted Beans to someone you love anywhere in Australia. *conditions apply

New Offers, Recurring Orders, Subscriptions

At Blue Arrow Coffee Roasters, our hearts beat to the rhythm of roasting perfection. Every bean is a promise of a new adventure, a new flavor waiting to awaken your senses. Embark on a journey with us; subscribe for a seamless stream of aromatic bliss. And for that special someone? Bestow the warmth of affection with a 1KG treasure trove of our finest blends. Blue Arrow Coffee Roasters – where every cup is a labor of love, and every sip, a taste of passion. 

every cup is a labor of love, and every sip, a taste of passion. 

The Blue Brew

“Peruvian coffee has evolved over time, blending tradition with innovation. When you are sipping a cup of Blue Arrow Coffee Roaster’s Peruvian brew, remember the labour, love, and cooperative spirit that went into each bean!”  Founder and Master Roaster - Aldo Marcheto

Apr 08, 2024

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Mar 27, 2024

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Our Team

Acknowledgment to the Team at Blue Arrow Coffee Roasters. From the rich soils where each bean takes root, to the meticulous process that brings out its unique flavors, the journey of Blue Arrow Coffee is a testament to the dedication and passion of its creators.

Gabriella Panto

Coffee Farm Manager and Catalyst For Change

Aldo Marcheta

Founder/Master Roaster Blue Arrow Coffee

Benjamin la Torre

Owner Coffee Farm Operator Peru

Jairo Arcila

Coffee Farmer Columbia