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Jairo Arcila’s La Pradera Microlot: A Blue Arrow Coffee Journey

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of coffee and explore the story behind this exceptional microlot from Jairo Arcila’s La Pradera farm in Quindio, Colombia.

By understanding the meticulous process and unique characteristics, you’ll be better equipped to appreciate and choose Jairo Arcila’s La Pradera coffee coffee beans for your next brew.

Jairo Arcila’s La Pradera Microlot: A Coffee Journey

Origin and Terroir

Location: La Pradera farm is nestled in the Quindio region of Colombia, a place known for its lush landscapes, high altitudes, and rich volcanic soil.

Variety: The coffee beans in Jairo Arcila’s La Pradera coffee microlot are 100% Caturra, a variety that traces its roots back to Minas Gerais, Brazil. Caturra is a natural mutation of the well-known Red Bourbon variety.

Harvest and Selection

Ripeness Criteria: The coffee cherries are meticulously harvested following strict ripeness criteria. Only perfectly ripe cherries make the cut.

Floatation and Hand-Sorting: After harvest, the cherries undergo a floatation process. This separates the denser, high-quality beans from any defects or underripe ones. Hand-sorting ensures that only the best beans move forward.

Fermentation: The Art of Transformation

Underwater Fermentation: Here’s where the magic happens! The cherries are submerged underwater for an impressive 30 hours. During this time, enzymes work their alchemical wonders, breaking down sugars and developing complex flavors.

Pulping: After fermentation, the cherries are pulped, separating the outer skin from the precious coffee seeds (beans).

Washing and Drying

Gentle Washing: The parchment (the protective layer around the beans) is gently washed, removing any remaining mucilage.

Temperature-Controlled Drying: The beans are then carefully dried under controlled conditions. This ensures optimal moisture content, preserving their unique flavors.

The Result: A Flavorful Journey

Tasting Notes: Expect a cup bursting with flavors. Think floral notes, hints of citrus, and a smooth body.

Why Caturra?: This variety offers a delightful balance—sweetness, brightness, and a clean finish.

Why Choose Jairo Arcila’s La Pradera Microlot?

Quality Assurance: Every step, from harvest to drying, is meticulously executed to maintain quality.

Direct Trade: By purchasing this microlot, you’re supporting a direct trade partnership between Blue Arrow Coffee and Jairo Arcila.

Unique Origins: These beans come from a UNESCO Biosphere reserve in Colombia—a pristine jungle-covered region.

Next time you brew a cup of Jairo Arcila’s La Pradera coffee, savor not just the flavors but the journey behind each sip.

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